Hear Yee†† Hear Yee


By all persons Common and Noble, Present and Abroad


That Alex Cameron of the Cameronís of Lochiel Shall Be Known this day forward as Laird and High Chief of The Clan Wild Highlanders


Whose Title Shall Bear True Faith and Allegiance To The Good People of his Clan, These United States of America, and Scotland


Be It Also Known That All Grants and Titles

Shall Pass to Scot Son of Alex and all His Descendants


And To the Following these Called Shall Be Known as Gentlemen Sons of the Clan as so Established By this Degree:


Scott Cameron
Clan Cameron Of Lochiel
Patrick Brown

Clan Brown


Britt Mctamany

Clan Mctavish



Clan Guthrie


Jeff Slifer

Clan Ewan


Keith Donker

Clan McPherson


Ben Lee

Clan McQueen


Dale Thomas

Clan MacThomas