Claidheamh Da Laihm

OTHER NAMES:The Great Sword or Two-Handed Broad Sword
LENGTH: 48 to 73 inches
WEIGHT: 6-9 pounds.

Pronounced Claid Da Lav Mor in Gaelic and means "Great Two Handed Sword." This weapon was Sir William Wallace's favorite. It was 5 and one half feet long and weighted 6 pounds 4 ounces. A blow from one of these swords would cut a man in half.

The true highland cla-d'lav has a forward sweeping quillian, with tips pointing toward the of the blade making it easier to wield and keep the opponents blade away from the hands and arms. This large and heavy weapon takes much strength and agility to wield properly. Sizes vary dependent on the height of highlander, measuring from the ground to the top of the sternum.