The History Behind the Wild Highlanders

Welcome to the home of The Wild Highlanders. We started out as a group of rouge Scottish hoodlums; but as time and numbers grew we became a 13th Century Highland Clan born in the 21st Century. We have held to the traditions of that time in dress and weapons as closely as possible. Our former Clan High Chief and Laird, Alex has retired and in the highland tradition his son, Scot is our new Clan High Chief and Laird. Scot has changed the eight Gentlemen or Sons of the Clan (they are the 8 original members of the clan) to a High Council that now includes women. The Clan is very grateful for its humble beginnings that would not been possible without Chief Alex and while we celebrate the growth of our clan, we also greatly miss him.

In 2000, Alex had announced that  he had registered his Tartan which we wear proudly. In the times of highland clans we would have been called a "Clan of Broken Men" as our Clan is made up of many different Family Clans. Although we wear the Tartan of the Wild Highlanders we all retain the Tartan of our Family Clans and put a swatch of it on Tam, Sword or the Clan's weapon The Lochaber Axe.



The Wild Highlanders Coat of Arms or Armorial Bearings

When our Clan was founded a coat of Arms was fashioned as well as the Chiefs Shield, which was used to hang upon the wall of the castle where he was called to attend court to show his presence. Our Coat of Arms is in the heraldic traditions Great Britian. They were created by Patrick Brown for the Clan and were sent to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom for her to review. Who passed them to the Lord Lyon In Scotland, King Of Arms.


Here are the Clan Coat of Arms

Here is the Proclamation that announced Alex as Chief

Here Is The Proclamation That Announced Scot as Chief After Alex Retired