Angel Snowflake

OCTOBER 15 1992-October 29 2005

Angel was an Artic wolf who had come to live with a clan member for 13 years. She was a gentle soul and free spirit. She was as beautiful as she was spirited. She was a wolf in every sense of the word her eyes were golden yellow but on the hunt you could see the predator in them. She pocessed no qualities that appeared human. She was very smart and strong willed. Although not timid she was shy around those she did not know. If she liked you; you were part of her pack if she did not; she would let you know. Her heart and her love were fierce and strong not like that of her human friends whose hearts and love can be so fickle at times. She had only met our Clan Chief and his son once and she took to them from their first meeting. She was the best friend anyone could ever have and she will be very much missed by all the Clan.

In the Celtic tongue she would have been called a "bleiz".  In the Scottish Gaelic she was called a "conall".  In the Breton tongue a wolf is called a "blaez".   The Cornish word for wolf is "blyth".  The Irish word for wolf is "phelan".

Whatever you would call her she was a rare and wonderful creature; and it was a magical thing to have loved and to have known her for all the years of her very short life. Her body is now still and her fierce heart within it; has stopped beating but her spirit runs free and wild in the Highlands of the world beyond this one; of this I am