New Historical Fact about the Battle of Stirling Bridge Found

There has been a recent archeological finding of a leather bound journal at Stirling Bridge in a nearby bog. It contained personal entries of it's owner and it also contained a very rare first hand eye witness account of the the actual battle.      

Entry dated 1298...

Edward De Long Shanks (Edward I of England) has come to Scotland to conquer the Scots. He has brought 4,000 men with him. As he and our army neared the battlefield, there suddenly appeared a solitary figure on the crest of the hill. A Stout, ginger-haired lad in a kilt of green plaid.

"Hammer o' the Scots?" yelled the Scottish lad on the hill. "Come up here, ya English bastards, and I'll give ya a hammer'in'!"

Edward turned to his commander "Send 20 men to deal with that Scottish upstart, now, there's a good chap!" he said. The commander sent twenty of his best men over the hill to kill the Scotsman.

It was about ten or so minutes later at the crest of the hill, that the Scot appeared again.

"Ya English diddies!" he yelled. "Come on the rest of ya!! Come on, I'll have ya all!"

Edward was getting somewhat annoyed. So again he turned to his commander. "Send 100 men to kill that Scottish guttersnipe!" The commander sent a hundred men over the hill to do the job.

And again about ten minutes later, the Scot appeared at the top of the hill once more, his hair all sticking up, his shirt a wee bit torn. "Ya English SCUM!" he yelled. "I'm just warming up!! Come and get me, ya English shite !!"

Edward by this time was losing his patience. "Commander, take 400 men and personally WIPE HIM OFF THE EARTH!" he yelled. The commander gulped, but led four hundred men on horseback over the crest of the hill.

And again about fifteen minutes later, the Scot appeared at the top of the hill once more, "Ya English ARSES!" he yelled. "Is that the best ya got !!  Ya bunch of buggers of boys !!"

Edward again turned to his second in command. "Take 1,000 men over that hill and don't come back till you have killed him!" he commanded. The second in command gathered the men and they rode off over that hill to their fate.

After a short while one of the English troops appeared back at the top of the hill. He was covered in blood; his armor was smashed and his clothes were all torn. "Your Majesty!" he yelled. "It's a trap!!! There's TWO of them!!!" In a curious side note a recent 20th century event was also noted:

Dateline: 1995 Stone mountain Georgia

Two Clans Men of the Clan Wild Highlanders, Pat Brown and Britt McTammany; were taunting and trying to engage Several Renfaire wannabes. First hand accounts vary but most agree that these two Wild Highlanders out numbered nearly two to one caused the Rennies to flee in fear of being fodder for their blades.

It has been asked by Scottish History Scholars if these two historical accounts are somehow related? The research is on going.