The Tom Wood Collection.


I met Scot and Alex at the Culloden Georgia Games in 1996 or 97. My wife at the time was Ellen Thomson. 

My friendship with Alex grew over the years while I was attending various Highland games with Ellen (Clan Donald).

We drank several drams of whiskey with Alex when he was at a game we attended. That was always a fun time.

 I acquired a collection of his weapons. Which I display in my "Man Cave".  

The Thompson Dagger is probably unique as Alex made three or four for Ellen.

It is a copy of a dagger Alex said belonged to a Thompson in antiquity. 

The axe was Alex's personal axe. He gave me that axe at probably the last Culloden game we attended.

Typical Alex, he gave it to me;  to spite a clan member who had been after Alex to sell him the axe.

Alex sent him to get the axe. Once he had it he turned and made a gift of it to me.

To which Alex said "I did the for spite, I'll show him I will do as I please."

It is one of my most prized possessions.  

I hope to attend future Stone Mountain  Highland  Games.  I am looking  forward to seeing "The Wild highlanders" there.

I miss the old days with Alex  terribly.

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