The Highlander's Accessories.

Many times Highlanders carried a wide variety of varied accessories and extras with them. Most all had specific purposes like helping to keep warm, or carry food and so on, however the Highlanders were very practical and didnít carry too many unnecessary implements.

Furs to Keep Warm.

Highlanders used the furs of the animals they killed for one of two things, to trade for food or even money, and to keep warm. Just think about it, with an average temperature of around a damp 45 degrees year round, the highlands can be a miserable place. They would throw them over the shoulders, tie them around the waist, and even wrap their legs up to help with the harsh breezes.


The highlander also used animal hides and leathers to make straps to hold things on or assist in carrying items. For example, the highlander used hides and fabrics to wrap up his feet. Usually starting with thick wool wrapped several times around the foot, leather was then laced from top to bottom in strips of tanned and treated animal hide. This kept the feet warm and protected form the jagged highland terrain.

Sometimes a highlander might also wrap his hands and forearms to support the weight of the great weapons, much like weightlifters use gloves today. The wrapping also assisted in protection as it could maybe avert a blade in battle. Some incorporated harder materials, like forged steel, bone, and even animal shells into forearm shields to provide greater protection from an enemy blade.

Bonnets, Tams, and Balmorals

Head wear was used even back into the 9th and 10th centuries. The tam and bonnet were more prevalent in the earlier years with the development of the more structured balmoral coming later.

Miscellaneous Items

Other accessories could sometimes be found. Maybe a hollowed out ramís horn used as a drinking glass or a small pouch for carrying something. These were usually very personal items and based on the tastes and purposes of the individual highlander.