The Ancient Brecan Feile or Great Kilt.

This is the first and most rare form of the Scottish kilt. It wasnít until recently that we discovered and learned how to wear it. In Alexís travels and conversations, he found a gentleman by the name of ??? in ??? who knew of an ancient way to tie the breacan that we had never heard of. We had always spent the time and pleated the kilt.

If you think about it, the highlander didnít have a lot of time to pleat and prepare his kilt. It was basically get up off the ground, throw on your kilt and go about your business. Thatís what the ancient breacan feile is all about.

Getting Prepared.

You are going to need a large amount of space in order to spread out all the material. When I started as a novice highlander, I would spread the entire tartan on the floor, but once I got comfortable with the procedure, I was able to work in parts without spreading the entire tartan out.

Use the bottom right corner as your stationary reference point. This corner will eventually be over your left thigh. This corner will not move until you wrap it on. For reference, the left and right sides of the kilt are based on as if you wearing it