Scot Cameron

FAMILY CLAN: Cameron and the Wild Highanders


WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Locaber axe, claidheamh da laimh, claidheamh mor, dagger, and dirk


Scot is "High Chief and Laird of the Clan Wild Highlanders".

Alex his father has his fatrher has passed and in the tradition of the Highland Clans has passed his title to his son. Scot fills his role as Chief very well.

Scot is the most talented weapons smith of the bunch.  He has the largest claid-da-lav you've ever seen (pictured here) and it can cut though an Anglishman like butter. He is second only to his father when it comes to knowledge of the ancient highland weapons and can tell a pretty fierce joke as well. Owner of The Iron Horse Motorcycle Shop, which focuses on the repair and restoration of British/European motorcycles.  He races motorcycles and Austin Sprite Mini Coopers cars. He is also the Father of Emilia Cameron who is quickly growing into a Highland Lass.