Charge! by Britt McTammany, prints available. Scotia Mo Chridhe!

Ay! They come! They come!
Wi' skirl o' pipe an' beat o' drum
A' braw lads o' Scotia's blood
Tho' far awa' frae bens an' muirs
Tae follow the lad o' Cameron line
Clasping Targe an' Claymore
Wi' courage an' pride
They battle as warriors o' auld
A' yells makes blood run cauld
Wild Highlanders! Wild Highlanders!
Intae tha fray! Stand an' hold
Scotia! Scotia Mo Chridhe! For ay!

- Kathleen Calhoun

Scotia Mo Chride... Scotland my love. Welcome to the home of The Wild Highlanders. You've probably seen us at a highland game or two and have decided to come and learn more about the ways of The Wild Highlander. Our new website includes a wide variety of information about the ancient ways, weapons, and clothing and more. We've even thrown in some fun stuff too.

So come in and enjoy yourself. Scotia Mo Cridhe!